Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who Knew?.....

So I had a crazy week. I had to call 911 on myself for a possible (luckily not) heart attack. All of the kids were home this week. School shopping ensued. And 20 year old WyrdDotD had to move back home....again. We even discussed how my MIL drove me crazy in couple’s counseling. So WyrdHubby agreed to talk to her about boundaries. Ya know, like calling and/or knocking when you come over. That subject alone almost started an argument.  It was a very stressful week. So I thought “Saturday, Dammit!, we WILL go to that party!”

You see, our friend turned 40. There would be a  scheduled a live band, a keg, and BBQ. Sounds like a pretty good time. And with WyrdDotD here, she can watch the kids so we can be adults for an evening.

The band was fucking fantastic; playing Sid Vicious, Slayer, and Metallica. Very cool! Coolers and a keg were always ever flowing. The BBQ kicked ass complete with sweet jalapeno chutney.

And my IN LAWS were there. Imagine, if you will, the King and Queen of College life. 67 year old-ish J and W were the shining center of this party. It seemed so foreign to me. This is the same woman that comes over to my house every day and drives me crazy and here, 30 people or so practically bowed down before them. J and W gave advice and shared their wealth that is peace, love, understanding, and the knowledge of life. They passed and drank many beers. I never knew I actually married the “Prince of Collegetown”.

I was envied for having such wonderful in-laws. People knew J and W from 20+ years back. People confessed that their lives fell apart when my husband’s parents moved to the bigger city.

I never knew I was so fortunate. Apparently J walks into EVERYONE’s house unannounced. It’s considered an honor. She cleans and brings items of goodwill and offers herself as a center of resource. If you just had a baby, she knows someone who has extra baby stuff. She passes it along. W helps bring about the livelihood of others. He mentored and apprenticed the very man whose party this really was for. W taught him everything he knows to be an electrician so that Big J can now have a wonderful job in the city getting things done.

It’s funny. I was so stuck on my own hang ups and my troubles in my inner world; I never really looked outside the window to see the bigger picture. I never knew I was surrounded by so much love and support. Instead I was stubborn and selfish like a little child; never knowing just how good I really have it. Plus I have “Mother Issues”.

I am very blessed and lucky to have found such a wonderful family. Thank you J and W.

J, I’ll see you Tuesday….and you don’t have to knock…ever again.


  1. :) Yup, J & W were parent-types to many of us... And on top of all of this, running into each other was bizzaro-cool! BTW, make sure you share my email with J!!