Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is the Truth?

So WyrdKidD (WKD) had his Behavioral evaluation. As you may or may now know. WKD is 2 ½ years old, Deaf (Moderate Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss) and moderately – Severely Autistic. He exhibits the usual signs one might associate with Autism. He flicks his fingers by his eyes, spins in circles for time on end, uses verbal tics such as “Aba-Moo!” and “Da!-Da!-Da!-Dee!” It’s very cute. WKD also refuses to wean.

WyrdHubby and I look into every venture possible for our kids. We don’t want to do what’s easy for us but right for our children.  Family signing lessons. Moving to another state so WKD can attend the closest Deaf school possible. Taking him to the only (and paid) Therapeutic preschool in the area for 7 ½ hours 4 days a week instead of sending him to the School district for 3 hours a day for free.

WKD did well. He kept asking to nurse and bit the evaluator. Wyrd Hubby and I explained his prenatal care, birth experience and his development for his first 2 years of life. He didn’t sit up alone until 9 months of age. He didn’t crawl on hands and knees until he was 15 months. He had a left side weakness so crawling was more like a front tummy scoot. He didn’t walk until he was almost 20 months. He was signing and verbalizing up until then. Then the language stopped.

He started tapping corners and licking windows. He would walk around the house with his eyes closed. (He likes to pretend he is blind J )

The doctors listened to Hubby and I talk for almost 2 hours. Then it was time for their reports:

  • WKD doesn’t make eye contact (duh!)
  • WKD cant dress himself
  • WKD can however UNDRESS himself.
  • WKD can’t use a spoon or fork.
  • WKD can’t drink from an open cup.
  • WKD doesn’t play with toys (Conventionally)
  • WKD doesn’t imitate phone pay (holding up to his ear to talk) <give me a break!>
  • WKD scored 71.5 out of 100. This rating designated him as mentally retarded.
  • WKD will be around 8 years old when he is finally potty trained. (with intense interventions)

And I was also lectured. He must be weaned NOW! If he’s still nursing at 16 someone is going to say something!

Wyrd Hubby and I gathered our precious son close, hugged him tight to shield him from all the negativity, and kissed him thoroughly. I worried as most mothers do. I knew what I knew about WKD but I wondered and feared. Did he know that we love him? Does he know he is the center of our lives and family?
That evening, we had an event at our church. WKD’s Deaf Mentor was there to walk around and spent time with him. Hubby and I were lead teachers for the night for the ages 3-4-5 group; so our hands would be very full. When it was time to go home, we loaded up WKM and WKG, stroller, and left over food, when WKD and his mentor came running to the car.

“Those people are crazy! WKD can read! He’s been signing and looking at me! HE asked IN SIGN for what he wants and makes his wishes VERY clear!” I smiled and nodded. Yes I have a smart (?) baby.

WyrdKidD got out of his stroller (unclipped and crawled out all by himself) and ran and hugged my legs. He looked at me for the briefest of seconds. I bent down, kissed his head over and over, and looked straight in his eyes, saying “I LOOOVE You!”

He patted my chest, hugged my legs, and signed “Momma” “DJ” “ILY”. This much he knows is true.

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  1. Don't you just love all these so-called 'experts'? If you put someone in an unfamiliar environment, an uncomfortable one, then you sure as hell aren't going to get a positive response.