Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Doctor is in

So school is almost here, another nightmare I am not quite ready to endure. He first day for the Wyrd-O’s – in – training is August 24. But that I didn’t think my hell would start so quickly.

WyrdKidM had his check up 2 weeks ago. All went well. We discussed proper nutrition, peer pressure, how NOT to start smoking and drinking, and the joys of checking for testicular cancer and hernias. (Men, are you feelin’ yerselves up properly? ☺) We even talked about sexuality!

We have an open door policy in our home…you have to when there’s one bathroom for like, 7 people! We talk very openly about EVERYTHING! From masturbation to sexual orientation. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, WyrdKidG’s visit wasn’t so squishy. To start it was way early for him. About 8:30 am. At least the doctor wore a bow-tie. That earned some points. J But then it got very uncomfortable for WKG. He had to answer questions about his bowels, his Autism and things you don’t tell a “stranger”. That part took over an hour. Next came the hernia check. NOT good if you are sensory-sensitive. Then after the hernia check, WKG learned that instead of needing 2 shots, he really needed 4, possibly 5!

Here is where the trouble began. The clinic was short handed so they couldn’t tag-team like they would a toddler or infant. That is where two shots are given simultaneously to minimize the experience. WKG also needed a venipuncture blood draw to see if he had antibodies for chickenpox. His records didn’t show that he received the vaccine. So that poor boy got stuck 5 TIMES back to back with no break. After the 3rd stick, I had to hold him down and he was screaming. He even tried to run out of the room.

Here’s the dilemma. Me, being a nurse, knows that the shots are very important for him. He gets pneumonia almost every winter. And his sinuses and ears are prone to infection as well. But at the same time I didn’t want my son to have to go through all of that.

The rest of the day, I had to endure a bipolar, pissed off, fever stricken, “FUCK YOU!” Autistic teenager.

Go ahead. Tell him it was for his own good.

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