Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hut, TWO, THREE, FOUR! til your eyeballs fall out. But it is worth it?

A bit of info here. My husband and I both have higher degrees from UCM. He holds a BS in Computer Science. I hold a BS in Biology with minors in CJ and Forensics. Yep! That means I know how to get rid of a dead body and investigate crime scenes!  I have a Master’s education in Criminal Investigation AND I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse for the State of Missouri. I worked for the State as a Corrections Officer before becoming a SAHM. So you’d think we were good at structure and normalcy. HA!

We are the craziest (and nicest) people you will ever meet. OK so I know what you’re thinking…(maybe). “These children wouldn’t be so unruly if they just had some structure to their day!”

Well you are absolutely right. I’ll give you what is supposed to be a master schedule for our home.

Monday-Thursday Schedule
6:45 am            I wake up
7:00 am            Everyone is now up. Medications given. Kids dressed. Breakfast.
7:15 am            Hubby usually rolls out of bed
7:30 am            Out the door.
8:00 am            Hubby dropped off at his desk. WKD at therapy preschool.
9:00 am            WKG dropped off at Day treatment.
9:15 am            I get my and WKM’s coffee. House chores/homeschooling/laundry
12:00 pm          WKM and I make something exotic for lunch. He has this thing for Asian food so Pad See ew, Pad Thai, Laab, or Sushi :-P
2:00 pm            WKG home from therapy. We work together on his chores for an hour.
3:00 pm            Get Hubby and WKD
5:00 pm            Dinner is cooked
5:30 pm            Family time
6:30 pm            dishes compete
7:00 pm            Evening meds given      
7:30 pm            all showers/baths done
8:30 pm            WKD down for bed (hopefully)
9:30 pm            Living room shuts down. Big kids go to bed.
10:30 pm          Hubby and Me time
12:00 am          Hopefully i get to sleep by then but WKD usually waked up at 3 am for "Nummy Time"

Fridays: same as above except since WKG and WKD are home from therapies that day we do a major family outing: Science City, The Zoo, Art Museum, or Natural Science Museum, etc.

Saturdays we usually have appointments for more DBT therapy and that is when I usually replenish the food my kids inhaled the week before. Sundays we attend church and enjoy friends company.

Sounds great right? Well since we live with mental illnesses anything can. and usually does, happen. Tuesdays Hubby sees marriage counselor by himself. Wednesdays at 2 is my turn. Wednesday nights is DBT therapy for WKM,WKG, WH and I. Once a week, WKG’s in home mental health case worker comes over. Every Friday, WKD gets Speech Therapy for his Deafness and Autism. Every other Friday, Wyrd Princess gets weekend visitation with her dad, who lives an hour away. Once a week we also have in home ASL lessons for the whole family.

So we try to keep things on the schedule. It makes for a quick fast paced day and the boys know what to expect.

And some days are fantastic. Like today,  WKD made eye contact while signing and saying “DADDY!”. . He even wore his hearing aids for more than 3 hours. WKM and WKG are dueling with YuGiOh cards and getting along. WyrdHubby notices more than my size K bra size and appreciates the clean house and yummy dinner. WyrdDotD calls to tell me that I was right. She IS a hoarder and has gotten all of her extra stuff to the Salvation Army. And my family says’ We love you Mom, you rock!” yeah, …those days happen. :-D

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