Thursday, July 21, 2011

**Warning: contains fake cursewords and lots of CAPS**

OK so here I was all excited. WEEEE I have a blog and I am gonna put in an entry like EVERY OTHER DAY! (cause that’s how I roll)! Weeee I LOVE Facebook. WEEEE I have a twitter account. And I am just scooting along all over the net enjoying the love that is “LAPTOP” and “WORLD WIDE WEB”…. and then IT HAPPENS!

!!CRASH!!   !!BOOM!!    !!BANG!!

**insert plenty of @(T$)*&@)($&@) here**

My laptop hit the floor.…hard.

I begin to rush through all the stages of grief at once in a span of like, 10 seconds:

Denial: I KNOW I just did NOT drop my laptop. Anger: CRAP I really DID drop my laptop! It’s the stupid bookcase’s fault! And who put that marble there on the floor anyway?
Bargaining: Well maybe if I just pick it up and brush it off, it will be just fine.
Depression: Ooooh Nooooo! It’s broken! **lots of sobbing at this point**
Acceptance: Oh, well. I will just have to find another way to spend my time. Like scrubbing walls, or brushing the dogs, dyeing therapy rice………

But then, RAPTURE!    

My geeky WyrdHubby comes running in. “What happened? Give it to me! I can fix it!”

Diagnostics: thankfully just a cracked and very much dead screen. Hubby states that since we live with WyrdKidG and WyrdKidD, and they have so much as LOOKED at my laptop, then the warranty was void a long time ago. He, like a sweet smart Aspie hubby that he is, orders a replacement screen and drags a HUGE archaic monitor from down in the basement.

Once again, my world has been saved! And my sanity lives to be tested for another day….Thanks for tuning in.


**Confetti! Confetti! Confetti!** 

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